Association of Speech and Writing

This arrangement has been made for all the students of Dars-e-Nizami to practice their oratory skills on every Thursday evening after Maghrib prayers till Isha. So that they make people aware of the religious teachings in a better way through their speeches and statements while giving religious sermons. For this there is a regular system in place.

Each student gets his turn once every two weeks. Students of higher grades are given important topics by the leaders of the association according to the current affairs.

At the end of the year, speech competitions are conduction under supervision of teachers. Then different groups were formed among them. Special prizes were given to the first, second and third place student in each group by the Jamiah. In order to encourage other participants, consolation prizes were given to them. The speaking skills are practice in English as well as Urdu.

Tajweed & Qiraat Committee

This section is associated with the students studying Tajweed and Qiraat (recitation). In addition to the practice of reciting HADR, Tartile and TADWEER, students were given practice on Azaan and Juma Qutba (Friday sermon). This session is held on every Tuesday night after Isha prayer under the supervision of Tajweed teachers. In the Jamiah mosque, the duties of Imamat were performed by the students associated with this department. In which special attention is paid to good recitation and other etiquettes.

Arabic Department

The language of Quraan, Hadith and other Islamic literature is Arabic. So, it is essential to have the ability to speak, write and understand Arabic. This department was established in order to serve the same purpose. Its sessions were held every Wednesday night after Isha, in which students from Arabic class 1 to class 5 present speeches in Arabic. A separate pamphlet called AL-ARUBA is also published under this department for which students write essays and articles in Arabic. Regular sessions are also held for the practice of Arabic discourse under the name of “Daura-e-Tadribiyah”. Students enthusiastically participate in this session considering its usefulness.

Department Libraries

All of the departments have their own libraries which have enough books as per the requirement of the students. Newspapers, magazines and journals in different languages are made available to keep abreast of current affair.

Wall Magazine

The founder of Jamiah Hazrat Moulana Ahmad Hasan Bham Simlaki (RH) used to publish monthly magazines by name “AL-DEEN” in Gujarati language. In memory of this, students of Jamiah issue pamphlets by name “AL-DEEN” in Urdu language and also publish yearly books on specific topic. And from the same platform, eight books on the status and services of Jamiah teachers have also been published. Under the same department, other wall journals like KARVAAN in Gujarati, AZAIM in Urdu and PAYAM in Hindi are issued. In addition to this a wall pamphlet of Lajnatu Qarraa is published under the name of AL QURAAN, Al-Nadi Al-Arabi and AL -ARUBA. Separate sessions are also held for the practice of speech in the local Gujarati language under Speech and Writing Association.