Jamiah Talimuddin is a Madrasa but more than any other university in terms of its system, training and results. Jamiah is managed under the guidance of Majlis-e-shura, which has total 14 members. In general, the council meeting is held twice a year. But in emergency situation, the council meeting is help more than twice or as and when required. In these meetings, many suggestions are considered and approved to make the education and training system better and more functional. Based on these suggestions, Jamiah formulates future action plan.

Mohtamim Jamiah (Vice chancellor of University)

Constitutionally, Mohtamim is the head and represents the Majlis-e-Shura in Jamiah. All the departments come under him and the suggestion and decisions of Majlis-e-Shura are implemented through him. In addition to internal affairs of Jamiah, he is also responsible for the relation among external agencies. Mohtamim reports directly to Majlis-e-Shura.

Currently his office is located in circular building under the dome of Jamiah library. At present Mohtamim of Jamiah is Hazrat Moulana Ahmad Buzurg Sahab who is the son of former Mohtamim Hazrat Moulana Mohammed Saeed Buzurg (RH) and grandson of Hazrat Moulana Ahmad Buzurg (RH) I. He is Mohtamim of Jamiah from 1990 CE.

Academic council

Jamiah has a separate Academic council which takes care of affairs of education system. There are different department to take care of administrative and academic affair of Jamiah. These departments have individual supervisors who reports directly to Mohtamim.

Accounts department

Jamiah has separate accounts department which records the income and expenses regularly. They issue receipt for donation received through Zakat, Sadaqat etc. The accounts of Jamiah are audited annually through chartered accountant. The records are published every year. Earlier it was printed in Urdu and now is being printed in Gujarati and English as well.