About Dabhel

Dabhel is a famous and historical town in Gujarat state in India. It is located around 30 km south of Surat and 15 km North of Navsari, to the east is Vesma crossroad on National Highway 8 and Maroli to the West. Dabhel is approximately 20 km away from Arabian sea to the west.


Jamiah is located in the centre of the town amidst lush green fields whose total area is 16 acres. The buildings of Jamiah are beautiful and constructed based on Islamic architecture. Exquisite masjid, Dar-ul-Sunnah for Arabic and Persian students, Library and buildings for Dar-ul-Iqama are established. Each building for Jamiah is worth seeing. The entire campus is lush green with natural environment and also free from noise and environmental pollution. This environment is very useful for mental and physical health of the students. Between each of the buildings is a lawn with colorful flowers. Jamiah also has playgrounds for the students. The scene of Jamiah is so charming that no living soul can live without being affected by it.


Jamiah Masjid is a masterpiece of Islamic architecture having tall minarets. The foundation stone of the Masjid was laid by Hazrat Moulana Mohammed Ibrahim Pandor and Hazrat Mufti Ahmad Khanpuri in 1428 H


It is a beautiful three storey building constructed with Islamic architecture consists of 17 Arabic and Persian classes. It also has Dar-ul-Hadith in it. The building is aesthetically pleasing. The foundation stone of this building was laid by Hazrat Mufti Ahmad Khanpuri and other teachers in 1424 H.


This building consists of 12 Hifz classes. The foundation stone of this buildings was laid by Hazrat Moulana Ayub Sahab Azmi (RH) in 1393 H.

Dar Anwar

The foundation stone of this historic building was laid by Imam-ul-Asr Hazrat Allama Anwar Shah Kashmiri (RH) in 1350 H. Ground floor consists of Dar-ul-Ifta, Dar-ul-Qaza, Dar-ul-Tasneef, Dar-ul-Tafsir, Library and Tahaffuze Shariah departments. While first floor consists of Maktab Al-Nadi Al-Arabi, Lajnat-Al-Qura, English, Study Hall, Tailoring, Speech & Writing departments.

Library Building

A three storey round building with a library and Shariah Protection department on ground floor. Second floor consists of Offices, accounting office, spacious hall, examination hall and auditorium. Third floor consists of spacious guest house.

Dar-ul-Hadith (Dar-ul-Tajweed)

The foundation stone of this building was laid by Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (RH) in 1337 H. for years this building was used for Arabic and Persian classes and Dar-ul-Hadith. In this building, great scholars of their time gave lectures to the students. Now this building is converted in to Dar-ul-Tajweed.

Dar-ul-Iqama (Hostel)

Majority of the students studying in Jamiah stays in hostel.

For Hifz and Deeniyat students, there is three storey building which is well equipped and have good ventilated rooms. All students have individual beds. There are number of clean toilets and bathrooms in each floor of both the block. To provide uninterrupted power supply for students, there is an arrangement separate generator which works when there is no electric power supply from concern department. A solar system plant has been installed to provide hot water to the students. This building consists of total 51 room. The foundation stone of this building was laid by Hazrat Moulana Mohammed Yousuf Sahab Khandalwi (RH).

There is another three storey building with equal facilities for students of Aalimiyat (degree). The upper two floors have a total of 60 rooms. This building is also reserved for students.

Hostel Kitchen

Hostel Kitchen is located in the ground floor of Aalimiyat hostel buildings. It has permanent caretaker. Under whose supervision breakfast and two meals are prepared for the students of Jamiah.

Tea biscuits are served for breakfast, rice and vegetable curry for lunch and chapati and curry for dinner. Delicious food is served to the students. Most of the times non-veg food is served to the students for dinner. In addition, biryani and desert is served to students once a month. Apart from this, students are served tea and biscuits for refreshment as required.

Dining Hall

Dining hall is located in the ground floor of Aalimiyat hostel building. It can accommodate up to 700 students at a time. There is an arrangement for clean and cold drinking water in dining hall.

Staff Quarters

Staff quarters have been constructed in the Jamia for the non-local teachers and servants serving in Jamiah. There are four such buildings constructed on different location consisting of total 56 residential flats.