Jamiah Education System

  • From day one, the management insisted on focused education system instead of formal
  • Steps have been taken to build capacity in students instead on investing time of plethora of books
  • Students to follow Sunnah along with his academic abilities
  • Perseverance in beliefs and sects (Maslak)
  • Be prominent and distinguished in religion and be God-fearing

Considering the above features, Jamiah has set up an education and training system

Department of Nazera (Recitation) of the Holy Quraan

The holy Quraan is the basis of Islam. Jamiah has made high scale arrangements for the teaching of Quraan recitation and memorization. In this department, the admission is given only to the local students. Residential/boarding students are not admitted in this department.

Department of Tahfeez-e- (Preservation) Quraan

It is an important department of Jamiah. After successfully completion of Nazera, students are admitted in to this department. From the day of foundation of Jamiah to till this date, thousands of students completed Hifz (memorization) of Holy Quraan from this department and Alhamdulillah this process is still going on with full care.

Department of Tajweed

From the very beginning of Jamiah, special attention was paid to Tajweed. And its services in this area can be described as an achievement in restoration of Tajweed. There is still regular one hour is given to Urdu, Persian and third grade Arabic students in which Tajweed is taught as a compulsory subject.


The duration of this course is 10 years. After teaching Urdu (I year) and Persian (2 years), the syllabus for 7 years is same as taught and well know practice in Madrasas of the sub-continent which include but not limited to Arabic, Tafseer, Tarjuma (translation) of Holy Quraan, Usul-e-Tafsir, Hadith, Usul-e-Hadith, Ilm-e-Kalam, Aqaed (Beliefs), Fiqh (jurisprudence), Usul-e-Fiqh, Adab-o-Inshaa, Logic, Philosophy and grammar. Hundreds of students have graduated from this department and are performing exceptionally well in various religious activities in the country and abroad.